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Learn about the history of Area 56 gym!

AREA 56 was established in 2013.  The gym’s original location was inside of two storage units  (these units were numbered #5 and #6). The gym now occupies a 4,500 sq ft warehouse that houses some of the most unique equipment in Johnstown, PA. 

The gym is owned and operated by Tyler Petro and Sarah Connors-Petro. This husband and wife team have an extensive athletic background including collegiate football, strength sports, bodybuilding, yoga and road/trail racing. They also hold numerous well respected certifications and have a combined 20+ years experience in training and coaching. 
“We hold the ability to educate our clientele in high regard and it is the foundation of our business.”- Tyler & Sarah

Within the confines of AREA 56 you will find a full collection of competition powerlifting, old school bodybuilding, olympic weightlifting and strongman equipment. We offer free weights, machines, indoor turf, cardio equipment, tanning and every barbell you could ever want.

AREA 56 has everything you need to achieve your goals and none of the BS!