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Sarah Connors-Petro

Sarah Connors is the co-owner and coach at AREA 56. She is an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, USAPL Coach, Certified Nutrition Consultant, FMS Certified Exercise Professional and is currently pursuing her RYT 200 Yoga Teacher Certificate. She has competed nationally in figure and bikini with the NPC and the WNBF, lifted in numerous bench/dead lift meets, competed in NAS Strongman and has even ran a few half marathons! Sarah believes in hybrid training, her experience in multiple disciplines has made her a well rounded coach. Each week she will challenge you with new and exciting workouts!


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Tyler and Sarah offer one on one personal training/coaching, small group and team training, programming and meal plans.

Tyler Petro - Area 56 Gym
Training & Coaching Area 56 Gym

Tyler Petro

Tyler Petro is the co-owner and coach at AREA 56. He is a USAPL Powerlifting Coach and ASFA Sports Specific Trainer. Tyler played Division 1AA football at Saint Francis University in PA. He currently serves as the defensive line coach at Richland High School. Tyler actively competes in both powerlifting and strongman. His training philosophy involves teaching safe, correct, and efficient technique in the main barbell lifts, logically programmed progression, and continually refining the lifter's form to maximize the effectiveness of each lift for the individual's goals.  Tyler utilizes proven methodologies from powerlifting, strongman, bodybuilding, and strength and conditioning to help each lifter achieve their goals.  

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Sarah Connors-Petro - Area 56 Gym
Sarah Connors-Petro - Area 56 Gym
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